Dear Friends

January 2, 2013

Dear Friends:

Happy New Year!  Yesterday was quite hectic and busy and today was as well.  Mom’s health is steadily getting worse I think.  She is still yellow and her energy level is not gotten better.  She has moments of anger, and has been argumentative.  Twice in the last several days she has asked me to do something that I couldn’t do right at that moment and she thinks I should have gone the extra mile (case in point:  she wanted frozen strawberries yesterday-stores were closed)  .  I had called a friend who was present during this little discussion about the strawberries and she even told her that the stores were closed. I told her I would get them today after work.  Happily my sister got them along with a few other  items for the store.

Mom is now watching TV right now quietly and has had soup and stuff and so she is not hungry right now but she did tell me there was stuff there for me (courtesy of my sister).  She seems to be okay except for the fact she is very displeased with a newsletter from my Aunt in Texas.  I have been in contact with Liz sort of commiserating and trying to understand the process.

As I am sure you are aware the Northeast is battening down the hatches expecting Winter Storm Bethany.  I am glad I don’t have to go out tonight and my intentions are as of this moment to go to work but again that is all depending on the roads and the sidewalks.

So my new years day consisted of spending time with the pups and discovering that a neighborhood dog broke loose and took a long swim in Long Island sound and was the subject of a search and rescue.  I would later find out that the dog had been rescued and taken to the vet’s office for  hypothermia.  It will be fine.

I spent a couple of hours back here making calls and doing odds and ends then getting ready for my friend Dave’s party that I spent three hours at.  There was a lot of food and I told every one Mom’s status.  As always Dave kept pushing food on to me after I asked him not to.

After the party I went back to the pups and waited for Nancy & Patrick and Olivia to return.  They got in around 6:15 and about 20 minutes later I was home.  Mom was already in bed reading.  She was glad I was home.  I spent the rest of the night trying to watch TV and did that until about 9.  I just didn’t feel like watching TV last night so I went to bed early.

I had so much work to do and still have a lot to do and will have more if I don’t go in tomorrow.  SR wasn’t happy that the office looked messy but I managed to move papers that were in my in tray (my own reports and such) to a drawer.  I did find out that our ED of operations has given her notice as of last week and will be leaving to rejoin UCONN Health.  Apparently some knew it was coming and others were just downright hoping.

Right now though I am going to take a shower and get into my pajamas and probably go to bed early-again.

Be safe everyone!



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