Dear Friends

January 4, 2013

Dear Friends:

Well its been a quiet night.  Mom went to bed around 7:30.  I have been surfing the net and answering some emails I have gotten over the weekend.  Among them from Dr. T and my Manager.

I had my regular emails from SR that I replied from my work email and told her I would have a lot of work to do on Monday and she sent me an email  letting me know she would get someone to help me with it.  I finally asked her if she went into work on Friday.  I probably should not have asked her but I was curious to see if I should have made the effort to go in.  She lives in the same town as I do but on the other side.

Dr. T was reminding me to book some activities with the nursing home while she is getting the monthly newsletter written up for our meeting on the 15th.   I have to make sure to email her with the dates.  I let her know about my cousin Renee.

I had gotten a message from Renee’s girls regarding the arrangements for her wake and then around 9:30 Liz sent a message to the rest of the family with the arrangements and there is a wake/service on Wednesday from 4-8 with a service at 7 and she will be cremated and  buried in the spring.

Liz posted pictures of me with Ms Olivia and I shared them on Facebook.  I can actually say I won’t mind as much if I don’t have a lot of pictures of me posted…I look a little weird..J
I thought I would be tired right about now but I am not so I think I am going to watch the TV for a little bit and then hit the sack.

Have a great night..J


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