Dear Friends

January 4, 2014

Dear Friends:

It is early Saturday morning I have been awake since 5 but out of bed by 7.  I have surfed the net and watched the TV for a bit.  The sun was reflecting off the trees in the back in a redness that was so pretty.

I have an awful feeling that we lost another family member to cancer.  No Mom is still resting comfortably right now but her cousin Renee entered Hospice this past week and a message that her daughter posted on Facebook about missing her is what got me thinking.  A reply to the message made me think that she has passed.  I think we would have gotten either a phone call or an email but nothing yet.  I don’t know if I should contact my family who may be grieving.

Today I have a hair appointment and Nelson 3’s third birthday party.  It is around 1 pm and I am going as soon as I check in on Mom and then spend a couple of hours there and come back.  I am not sure what to expect for road conditions.  I actually have to get directions to begin with.  Actually I just realized my phone could do that.

I Have heard from Mary in Victoria Australia this morning I am going to write her later on today.  It was a rather short and informative note. I am glad to hear from her.  She sent me a e-card at Christmas but we all know how well I did with those this year.

Well I have things to do before going out so I better at least start them.

Have a great day!  Of course stay safe too!


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