Dear Friends

January 4, 2013

Dear Friends:

Well howdy…the day is almost over for me except for laundry.  I have been home for nearly an hour from Lisa and Nelson’s house and it was a lovely afternoon that went by very quickly.  Liz and Nelson had been there since 10:30 and had some trouble getting onto their street but it was quickly forgotten once they saw the grandkids and the party began.  Almost all the immediate Family was there except for Cheryl & Mike’s oldest and Adam and Olga.  Cheryl wasn’t feeling well so we had to stay clear.

Liz confirmed my earlier suspicions of our cousin passing away.  She had been in contact with DC and has been for days.  I just spent a few moments writing to the family in DM on Facebook.  I hope it wasn’t gauche.

Pizza and cake were on the menu and of course Jr tried to get into Costume again this year for Nelly 3 and Nelly wasn’t having it-again.  He did get a lot of gifts and had lots of excitement.  I was happy to get a chance to hold Baby Olivia who is now 9 months old.  I even got to flirt a little with young Master Luca.

Everyone had  started leaving by 3 and I followed suit by 3:30.  The phone GPS got me there and back safely but used up the battery quickly.  I have it recharging right now.

When I arrived home Mom was making tea in the kitchen and asked  me to do a few things and got those done.  She  says she isn’t feeling good so I don’t know if she wants to eat or not.   She seems a little weak to me.

I am going to get into my pajamas and get the rest of my laundry done and watch the rest of the NCIS Marathon.

Have a great night!



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