Dear Friends

December 5, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Well the one day reprieve of wintry weather has gone.  Its cloudy out and there is rain in the forecast for today and tonight.  I am hoping that means it will clear the sidewalks of the ice and snow that did not get cleared out.  The city is going to start issuing citations and tickets for any ice or snow not removed from city sidewalks and public areas.

    Jim is supposed to come up (according to Mom) today and Liz seems to think its tomorrow.  Let’s hope it is  Tuesday.  I still have to get it gift again.

    Mom was in bed until about 8:30.  She had her coffee and read her papers as I was leaving.  She slept well she said.  I discovered that we didn’t open the gifts from the Neighbors and so we decided to do it later.
The gifts ranged from herbal tea and candy and socks and body washes.  They were lovely.  

I was a little late for bingo but I had almost 20 people there today.  It was okay.  Mz Julia was being a little bossy but it stopped.  I got a chance to talk to Chef Phil about different stuff.

After Bingo I went to church however it was  a little scary.  The car skidded and I was  scared.  I was very tempted to go home straight away.  I went to church instead.  

The parking lot was treacherous  I thought.  I whined like a child.  That was a little embarrassing but I have been really bugged out about falling lately.

As the afternoon progressed I went to the store for Mom and got some groceries.  She liked everything I got.  It took about 30 minutes to get done and I was home a short time later.  

The rest of the night I had dinner and watched TV while Mom turned in early.  She had fallen asleep then woke up and read for a while.  I don’t know what she is doing now but I am going to bed.




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