Dear Friends

December 7, 2013

Dear Friends;

I must begin with an apology for not writing yesterday.  It was truly a long day.  I was swamped with work and happily had some help near the end of the day.  Today was pretty much a mirror image except for the help.  I didn’t ask for it because today’s mail volume was light but it just added to what I do have.  My hope is by tomorrow afternoon I will be caught up.

We were informed by our union organizers that there are budget cuts looming and possible layoffs.  Tomorrow we are having committee meetings to discuss plans and questions and answers.  We are concerned but we need to be on top of this.  They have tried before to do this but not to the Med school as we bring in a lot of AR.  I haven’t said anything to Mom or Jim yet because quite frankly Mom has enough on her plate.

Mom had a very long day yesterday and eventually got cranky by the time I got home.  She had a doctor’s appointment yester morning that Liz took her to and apparently didn’t see the doctor until 12:30.  Mom says she got good news but Liz says it was a waste of time.  There was no discussion of Hospice, and she feels that it is utterly ridiculous and unreasonable to schedule an appointment for 4 months from now when she will be dead.  ( Yes I did remind her that we don’t know when she will really die) She was given pain meds in the mean time.  Today Mom wasn’t feeling well for most of the day.  She was sleeping before I got home and while I picked up dinner.  She was also inconsolable with me.  I almost told her off but Jim would have been objecting.

Jim arrived around 2 this afternoon.  He has been reading books and visiting with Mom.  He doesn’t think she looks great and is concerned .  I don’t know how long he will be here but I did invite him to my session with Debra tomorrow.  I don’t know if he will be there or not.  I did call Debra to let her know that I did invite her and that he may come.  I think he is chomping at the bit to say things that he hasn’t been able to.

The weather here has been very cold since yesterday afternoon.   It is currently 9 degrees  and is supposed to drop to 7 degrees.  I was glad I didn’t go out all day today until it was time to go home.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer during the day and a lot warmer by the weekend.

Debbie M has been calling and texting to make final preparations for this weekend’s Mexican Train.  We also made tentative alternate plans inc case the weather had changed to really bad.  As of right now though it still on for Saturday 2 pm.  IF the weather turns bad we will have to plan for another weekend the others can’t do Sunday.  I won’t be able to do it the following Saturday as I have prior commitments.

I did sit down and write a letter to Mary in Australia.  Its about two pages.  She had written me over the weekend but it took until today for me to be able to write her.  I told her about work, Mom, and the house sitting gig I just finished.

I am going to shut the house down for the night.  I don’t think Mom is getting up now that its ten o’clock.  The heat is already down and I think Jim is about to go to sleep.

I may not sleep  until after midnight.  Still have no CBS to watch so that means I have to watch from the site.

Have a great one!



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