Dear Friends

January 10, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Happy snowy Friday to you!  It actually changed to lite rain by the end of the day but it sure made the morning commute hairy for many.  I only slid once  and that was enough for me.  It was a  week ago today the first major snowstorm of the year came through.  I wasn’t doing much that morning but in the afternoon I was running errands.


I checked in with family (locally)and come to find out that Sis has bronchitis again and was at the doctors when I called and Nel was heading to his doctor.  Mom was up when I called and I told her about Liz.  She had a hard time hearing me *headdesk*  and I certainly was having flashbacks to when Nanny was alive (my grandmother).  Anyway she was expecting her cousin’s Don and Lorraine to come over around Lunch-time for a visit.  When I got home she told me it was lovely but she got very tired after the visit.  They also brought some soup for her to eat.  She did have some for dinner.


I managed to get the daily stuff done (the mail, postage tallies, and some readdress mail).  Judy had been reminding me at least twice I think and for the last couple of days too.  It looks like Hawk won’t be the only one with courier changes.  Our courier service had to change the route a little so instead of 10:30 in the morning he will be here closer to say noon most days.  I have mixed feelings about it.  On one hand it will allow me to finish or work on lockbox longer and work on other stuff that is also necessary for the job.


People are continuing to discuss and speculate about the future of the office.  What it will mean to us, to the future.  It was said that this round eight people will be laid off (did I mention that already?) but actual specifics are not given.


I was really anxious to get home tonight.  My leg had been bothering me again.  It felt like the knot had returned so it made walking difficult.  I finally took some tylenol about an hour ago and it is feeling better but it is still hard to lift the leg up.


My intention was to go grocery shopping tonight but Mom said I could do what I want.  So bright and early tomorrow morning I am going shopping in probably three different places all before 1 pm.  I have to make sure  I am back her in time for Mexican train game.

Mom was clearly tired but she was able to make her own dinner.  I should say heat her own dinner.  It was the soup from Lorraine.  AFter she had dinner and watered a plant she went to bed.  My hope is she will sleep all night.


I had a late dinner.  I had meatloaf.  That’s it.  Just the meatloaf.  I am still hungry but I will ignore it and find something else to occupy my mind.  I did manage to get the table somewhat setup for the games tomorrow.  I am going to ask one of the girls to help me put the leaf in the table.  i can’t do it myself.  I really don’t want to try anyway.


I Have also been clearing out the inbox.  My outlook mailbox at least.  The other ones are hopeless I think.  I also have to pay some bills too.


I usually try to write Jim’s kids but I just haven’t done it in the last three weeks.  As i said to Jim I don’t know how much they know of Mom being sick.  Jim says then don’t mention it.  Its rather hard.


WEll I am going to do some inbox clearing out and then go to bed.


Have a great night.


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