Dear Friends

January 11, 2014

Dear Friends:

Ii is early Saturday morning and I am having a hard time getting up and getting going.  I didn’t sleep very well last night.  Every time I moved my knees and legs hurt.  I finally got up and took some Tylenol® or the Kirkland version and finally got some sleep.    The knees seem okay for now but I expect  it will start to hurt again later.  My alarm went off at 4 so I could get up and do laundry.  Guess what?  I ignored it.

I did spent a few minutes updating the birthday list and calendars for the birthdays that were not already on there.  I have a few more minutes to work on it and then I will be getting going.

It is cloudy and 44 degrees right now the temperatures are supposed to get into the 50’s and have rain all day.   That’s okay.  We will be inside playing the games and what not.

Okay well its time to go.  Have a great morning.



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