Dear Friends

January 18, 2014

Dear Friends:


    I am so thankful the weekend is here.  Its been a  rather mixed bag of emotions this week between work stuff, and dealing with Mom.  I am also glad we have a three day weekend coming up.


    I did manage to post my weekend plans email but not the thankful Thursday  post yet but I will shortly.  I went to the store after work and got some stuff Mom wanted and realized there are other things to get.  I think My life is about the stores these days.


    I told liz about the third time argument and I didn’t received her advice very well.  I have to look at why I have dropped the ball three times when getting things Mom wants or when she asks for them..  She understands that Mom can be a bully but I have to re-prioritize my priorities.  She says she could tell I was pissed.  I was but she has made a point.  I thanked her  last night and she just reiterated that she wasn’t trying to judge or criticize.


After Mom and I had waited a long time for our baked potato dinners Mom had a few more things to eat and then went to bed by 8.  She was really tired and even Liz noticed her memory is getting more and more faulty when she spoke with her this morning.  Its probably because she is not feeling well.


As I mentioned in my Weekend Plans post I am hoping Mom feels strong enough to get the lab work done that the doctor requested on Tuesday.  We will see when she wakes up but she has been telling Tessa she is planning on doing that.   OH she did tell me that the prescription was sent to the Cigna prescription service and hopefully we will get it today or Tuesday.


Despite the morale at work I had a semi good day.  The mail volume was very light and got it done early and was able to spend a lot more time on the re-address mail.  I got about 80 pieces done.  It was a discussion I had not only with Susan but with Judy.  Susan was asking me about it and I explained it was re-address mail but there are no checks (to my knowledge in there).  She wants me to get it a little more organized so that a certain finance office admin doesn’t keep reporting me.  Judy had known about it but didn’t tell me because she thinks the certain person should worry about her own staff.  Susan is hoping to discuss with Sally about putting me in a bigger and empty office on the floor where I could have more room.  This would be great because at times I feel very claustrophobic.  This also makes me uneasy as I will be moving away from my team on some level and could this be the beginning of “layoff”?


I managed to pay some bills last night but I have a few more to do.  I have to revise all my budgets to reflect monies that I have given out over the past year..  For various gifts and stuff like that.


Well I better get to bed or I will not be useful tomorrow.


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