Dear Friends

January  19, 2014

Dear Friends

I finally went to sleep some time after 3 am Saturday and I know that Its all the coffee I had Friday.  I know at one point it was decaf but I went and added the regular.  I spent the time trying to clear out one mail box and updated the Java program that’s been waiting for me to do it for the past two days.

Mom had a rough time sleeping herself.  She had a nose bleed at one point.  I asked her how she slept when she got up around 9 and she isn’t feeling well.  We did not go to the lab after all.  I told her we would do it Monday.  She said she didn’t want me to lose more time.  I reminded her I have off.  We were not sure if the Lab is closed that day or not.  I tried to get an actual person but I couldn’t so we will just have to go over and see for ourselves.

Mom spent the day as quietly as possible spent time on the computer and  I did some errands and picked up some cough drops for her.  Since I didn’t sleep well myself I took a couple of naps before going out to Telka & John’s Party.  As I suspected most of their friends and some of their family were there.  I had met them all at past parties and some of them they both worked with and of course know my neighbors Kim and Sean.  Of course some friends I knew too.  I stayed until 9 and was home a short time later.

I had a lovely chat with Barbara G who is very interested in seeing Mom.  Barbara is a friend/former woman’s club member and knows Mom from before I think I was active in politics.   Anyway she wants to visit and she has gift (not a physical but metaphysical) she wants to share with her.  She reminded me again of what I need to do for Mom as well as myself.

Today I went to bingo and church.  Sadly I found out that my one of bingo regulars passed away in the last few days.  I really cried.  Despite the fact he sometimes was a curmudgeon he grew on me.  It was nice that both Dennis and Bob were there to be comforting.

I found out that Liz was at church but not for the service.  She was picking up communion for Mom.  Nelson had told me when I called after church.  As I was driving away I met up with Liz.  They were at our house 15 minutes later.  She had stopped by earlier and made arrangements.  Nelson came in almost full Knights Uniform.  He looked mighty handsome.  They stayed for a short time and then headed out.

After they left Mom got tired out but worked on her computer and got a call from Jim.  She is sleeping now but when she gets up later we are going to make the tomato sauce for spaghetti.

I have been lazy.  I watched a few movies and now surfing the net while I write this.  I am getting a little aggravated some of the sites are slow loading up today.  I don’t like and I don’t have patience.

Well it sounds like Mom just got up let me go see what she wants to do.



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