Dear Friends

January 21, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Work was pretty good.  The mail volume wasn’t bad for after a holiday (so SR was right about that).  I was hopeful to get a lot done and I think I did.  Especially when I received an email indicating there would be used campus envelopes heading my way in the next couple of days.


    The Snow started around 11:30 this morning.  Some of us were already discussing early dismissal and snow day for tomorrow.  People began leaving around 1.  I left around 3:30.  The daily stuff was done and some of the re-address tackled.  I felt it was good time to go home.  It took me an hour to get to the house.  I decided to take the highway and go 5 or 10 miles an hour.  It was coming down pretty heavy by then.  Some of the side roads were not that great but our street wasn’t bad.


    Mom was sitting in her chair when I finally got in the house.  Her stomach was giving her grief today so she wasn’t really going to eat much.  We decided that we would have the Trader Joe Chicken Pot pie for dinner.


    Little did I know that it was enough for 4 people and that it took longer to cook than it says on the box.  I think we finally ate some time after 6.  Mom couldn’t eat all that I had given her but she managed to have some cereal afterwards.  I had to throw away what I had on my plate.  Next time I am going to be a little more wary about that.


While we watched the news cover the snowstorm I told Mom that I probably will go in to work around noon time.  She just said “see what it is like in the morning”.  The forecast calls for it to all end by 9 or 10 in the morning.


I am so happy for Mardi’s Parents.  They have a new edition to the family…her name is Mad Dee.  She became a recent edition to the family when their previous dog passed away over the weekend.  This little princess is so adorable that you can’t help but want to snuggle with it.  Congratulations to everyone.


For some reason LJ wouldn’t let me post an entry in my NCIS Blog due to content.  I tried several times so I ended up linking it to the other blogs that allowed it.  I am going to keep an eye on that one and see if it continues.


Well I am going to go watch NCIS even though its a repeat from season 10.  Then I am going to bed….


Be safe and warm.


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