Dear Friends

January 25, 2014

Dear Friends:

Well its after 1 and I managed to get the shopping done by Noon but got home just a little before 1.    I really didn’t have to get much and that was a plus but the people at a couple of the stores were slow moving.  Ack!!!

Part of the reason why it took me so long to get home is while I was still in the parking lot of Shop Rite I called Liz and we chatted about what/who else? Mom.

We talked about the visit with Father Callahan yesterday and what was done (anointing of the sick vs. last rites).  Apparently they both cover it but we won’t get into long discussions with Mom over it.    WE talked about giving the eulogy.  Mom wants all three of us to do.  She only asked Liz and perhaps Jim about it but she hasn’t said anything to me-yet!  Jim and Liz discussed it last night on the phone.  Apparently I am supposed to read a poem.

I told Liz I feel very stupid being in the same house and not knowing what is going on.  Liz pointed out that Mom doesn’t always tell everything either or she tells one thinking we will all know.

I totally forgot that Mom’s stint removal is this week.  She is going in on the 30th.  Jim will be up on Wednesday.  (That should be fun).  When I got home I asked Mom if there is anything I can do for that.  She says not yet and she said if I want to I could take the time off to be there but waiting is not really a strong suit of mine.

While I was cleaning up from lunch I asked Mom how the funeral arrangements were going and she said slow.  I asked if there was anything I could do (my way of giving her an opening to tell me about the poem) and she said no.  She said that Fr. Callahan for got a book and then got another one that wasn’t the one she needed so now Mom is going over the readings.

Tessa brought some stuff over earlier so Mom will be eating that for dinner tonight.  I have no idea what I want yet but like I said I just finished lunch.  I still have time.   I just had a thought.  Spaghetti!!!

Well I have a mound of clothes to go through for laundry ( how the heck is that possible?) so I am going to do it.

Have a great one.


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