Dear Friends

January 27, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Oy i had a hard time sleeping last night.  Anytime I moved during the night it felt very uncomfortable.  My left finger is still a little stiff but I did take tylenol.   Actually my hand by the knuckles were swollen for most of the day.  The knee hurt for most of it and even though I took tylenol a few times it is starting to hurt again.


    Despite the aches and pains and discomfort I had a pretty good day at work.  SR gave me the okay to get rid of the outdated junk mail that I had been trying to work on.  I just had to make sure no checks or things like that were there.  That took about 20 minutes which I did in between lockbox and US mail that came late.  More junk mail came but I will deal with it tomorrow.  Its stuff that needs to be sent on to the people its addressed to.  I also was able to clear out some of my files too.


I spoke to Mom around lunch time and she had been cleaning the bathrooms.  She commented that livia had a lot on her mind.  She didn’t do a good job this month cleaning.  She asked me to say nothing to her but I am here to tell you that Livia is gone after this.  As far as I am concerned she needs to go.  When Mom is gone I won’t be paying that woman any $$ for the shit she has pulled lately.


Anyway, Mom was completely wiped out and probably didn’t do very much except laundry.   She thought the washing machine was broken but when three of us looked at it there was nothing really wrong.


Tessa came over with some food for Mom to eat and she looked inside our refrigerator and commented on there wasn’t a lot of food in there.  Mos of the food we have is freaking frozen.  She suggested we have the pizza for dinner.


The frozen pizza was from Trader Joe’s and Mom didn’t like it and even though I finished it all it wasn’t great.  Mom had a bowl of cereal and we cleaned up the kitchen.  I came upstairs and split my time between the TV,  surfing the net, and writing this entry.  I have to get on the ball with the minutes and my letters to Mary in Australia.


So I will close out for now.


Take care everyone.


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