DEar Friends

January 28, 2014

Dear Friends:


    I started to write another entry last night bemoaning that I had not finished the minutes and that I was so tired.  It never got finished because I put my head down for what I thought would be a few minutes and it turned out for the whole night.  The sleep was a little better but I still had some moments of discomfort.  I still say its part of the Lupus but If I say it out loud someone will say “go to the Doctor”.


We had  a caucus today  between 12-2 at work. IT was basically to go over what will happen in the meeting tomorrow and who is being picked to speak for us.  They chose some great people.  My session will be from 3-4.


I was able to get all the daily stuff done.  My re-address pile is getting bigger again but I am hoping that lockbox will be light tomorrow and I will get that pile back down to nothing.


Ethel and Diane came over to visit and to discuss the music.  I got the impression that Diane seemed to think that Mom would survive the cancer and Mom kept telling her no.  Ethel was telling us how someone was going through her trash and she was saying some really naive things.  Overall it was a good visit.


After they left Mom got something to eat and watched TV until 7:30 or so. I watched TV and then put a small load of laundry in.   It was just about then I had an open face grilled cheese.  I know I shouldn’t have had it but it was convenient and easy.-


Now I am going to bed.


Have a great one…


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