Dear Friends

January 30, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Well its been a busy couple of days.  The meeting with the Head Admins yesterday went very well especially after we learned yesterday morning the layoffs would be rescinded and and couple of other things as well.  The meeting itself ran over time so I wasn’t able to finish the mail until this morning.


    The house was filled with people yesterday.  It was basically continuing the funeral preparations.  Everyone left about an hour after I got home and from what I guess more things were decided on and some changes were made as well.


    Mom was exhausted but had the souffle and Jim and I had chinese food.  She went to bed a short time after that and so did Jim in order to prepare for today.


I know I was tired and achy and during the night I cried out and woke Jim up (and he wasn’t happy about it).  I did take tylenol but I don’t think it helped much and the heating pad too.


This morning I was the first one up and then so was Mom and then I think Jim was as well.  They left by 7 and I followed suit.


I was still late into the office by five minutes. I went to work on the mail from yesterday and then around 9 I went to pick up the checks.  The rest of the day I worked on the mail and got it done by 2 and then spent the afternoon working on the re-address and the postage tallies.

I had gotten phone calls and text messages between all of us on Mom’s surgery throughout the morning and by the time I left for the day she was home and sleeping.  I had called and she answered and had been sleeping.  When I got home later I found them both asleep.  I ended up sleeping for a half hour.


Jim and I got our own dinner from  Scribner’s Restaurant.  He got one for Mom but she never came down.


I did manage some laundry but now I am exhausted so I am going to bed.




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