Dear Friends

February 1, 2014

Dear Friends:


    I hope you are having a great afternoon.  Its been going pretty well.  Liz and Nelson came over just before Noon with all sorts of goodies from Trader Joe’s.  Mostly so that Mom could eat stuff.  They do a better job of it then I do when I go there.  Liz says this is trial and error.  They got fruit fresh, some frozen stuff and of course juices and hopefully she will be able to eat it.  They suggested that we rearrange the freezer and see if anything needs to be ditched.  We may do that later (okay I probably will do it later).


After they left I paid some bills and moved emails around and wrote in my NCIS Blog.  This time it wasn’t just about NCIS.  Now that I have showered and getting dressed I am going to have a late lunch of cereal.  I can have the soup later.


We are having a heatwave outside.  According to The Weather Channel it is 43 degrees outside.  I don’t know if we have thermometers for outside but I can feel the warmth in here.  Now that I won’t be going out this afternoon I can relax and work on those letters.


Yeah I haven’t done the letters yet.  I am hoping to to them this afternoon.  If my hands cooperate.  Its been a little hard to type and it feels like they are being stretched.


I will see you later….


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