Dear Friends

February 2, 2014

Dear Friends:

Oy!  It was a rough start to the day for me as I had gotten stomach sick (the d word) around 5 this morning.  I have an idea it was the peanut butter and the ginger candy and of course herbal tea.  Sleep was somewhat elusive because of the pain in my side.  Every time I moved to lay on my side it would be uncomfortable.  It happened again around 2:30.  Still not going to the doctor yet.

Mom got up around 8 that’s fairly early for her these days.  She had a good sleep she tells me.  Liz came after the 11:30 mass to give her communion.  She even got dressed for it and didn’t get back into her pajamas either.  Of course she did say that her stomach wasn’t that great.  Before Liz left they discussed listening to music (mom’s got it going downstairs!) and Dr. Appointments for tomorrow.

After she left Mom and I talked while I had some thing to eat.  I was asking her about a list I saw her working on during the weekend and basically it was “phone tree” of sorts.  Before Jim left he asked her to put together a list of people to call when Mom expires.  She couldn’t do it and feels that the obituaries will work just fine.  I knew they shouldn’t have asked her to be involved because it wasn’t going to work.  I get the feeling they don’t always listen to me.  She also went to the “I really don’t want Liz telling all the cousins” about her health.  I reminded her one of her times coming home from the hospital she says she didn’t care who knows know.

To look at my mother right now she is making herself an open face cheese and tomato sandwich and watching TV.  This is  a cause for celebration but at the same time it can change from momentn to moment.  Actually she has more energy then I do.  I have stopped writing this entry a few times to watch TV and nap.

I did have some soup for dinner while we watched some of our regular PBS cooking shows but now Mom is heading to bed and I may just let the TV watch me for a few hours if I don’t go to bed first.


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