Dear Friends

February 5, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Hello from Winter Storm Derby.  It is pretty much now freezing rain but I decided to stay home today for a couple of reasons.  Yesterday was filled with work, doctor appointments and some rather sad news.


    Actually it is becoming a blur but here goes.   First off I finally was heading to sleep in to Tuesday morning when I heard Mom cry out.  It seems she was having a nightmare. and I am beginning to think this was a message.  She later told me someone was standing at the foot of her bed and it was menacing.  Well last night during my Hemotologist appointment the Dr. (the same one Mom sees) tells me that he got the pathology report back from when Mom had the biopsy last week and tells me it went from pre-cancerous to cancer.  AFter we finished  with my own issues and it was time for me to leave I called Liz and told her.  We talked about how to tell her and at first I wasn’t sure but I figured it out.  I would tell her when I got home.


After going to the store to pick up some stuff I Headed home.  Mom was watching TV and eating Salmon that Tess brought the night before.  That’s when I told her.  First I told her what my appointment was like and that Dr. L asked about her and said she missed the last appointment.  She thought she didn’t have one and I reminded her you couldn’t remember when it was.  Anyway I told her he said he got results from the pathology report and that it isn’t good.  I reiterated what I have said probably here already.  “I am not sure he was supposed to tell me or I was supposed to tell her”.  but she didn’t seem to mind..  She did say he did it because he is a kind man.


We had a quiet night.  I watched TV including last night’s NCIS and Mom went to bed around 8:30. I had emptied the recycle container and then went to bed.


Today It has been fairly quiet.  I watched TV made sure things were set for Mom when she woke up.  I made some calls and answered some emails.  Mom got up around 8:30 and has been doing her own thing.


I have told a few people already about Mom’s updated prognosis either by phone or email.  I am waiting to have a return call from Debra to reschedule our session for later this week.


Right now I think I will surf the net and do some early laundry.


Have a great day.


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