Dear Friends

February 9, 2014

Dear Friends:


    I just had a few minutes to start and probably will not finish until later but wanted to say hi.  I have got laundry to do and I am not sure if MOm wants me to go shopping or not.


    Anyway the Valentines delivery was very successful.  There were a lot of girls and all the residents really enjoyed the handmade flowers and cards.  It took just over an hour and it was fun.  Our  next big event for that nursing home is the carnival.  My understanding is we are planning for the fashion show at Evergreen in May.


    I had a very disheartening visit with the pups yesterday.  Nancy asked me to check in on them and I did.  Packy was fine.  Preston was not.  Once I said hello to him in the livingroom I thought it would be a good idea to sit on the bed like we always do.  Well we did and I pet him and then after awhile he started growling.  He did this for a long time.  So I got up and let him alone and started to get packy ready for the walk.  When Preston came out I went to pet him and he bit me!  I obviously yelped and he went back to his place on the bed.  He continued to growl and so I left him alone and decided to go home.


I called Nancy when I got to the car and she texted back and also called.  She gave me instructions to protect myself and so I did.  I went into see if they wanted to walk neither did this time and I did exactly-almost exactly what she said.  I waited at the door and called him to me.  He never budged.  He continued to growl and so I just put the food out and left.  So neither went out for their constitution.


Nancy continued to text me from yesterday and until today.  She wanted to make sure I was okay (I told her I was fine but it is bruised) and not to worry she wanted to pay me for the time and I don’t want her too.  I don’t know why he is doing this or what happened but its not good.  Nancy’s Cousin Ann is very afraid of Preston and doesn’t like him around her grandchildren.

We had a visit from Ethel and the kids, they managed to fix the cd player so it can be heard through the Boise radio.  They also did a mini concert for Mom and looked through jewelry.  They stayed until about 6:30 so we ended up having a late dinner.


I watched TV for the rest of the night and Mom went to bed around 9.  She was exhausted.


Today was bingo and we had a large group.  Natalie came in to make soup later for the residents.  Bob also was there and doing activities upstairs.  I finished at 11 because St Peter’s was having their 11 service today.


This allowed me to go to church on time.   I sat with some friends from the DTC and then afterwards came home.


Liz had just arrived and was visiting before they had communion.  After the service we visited some more and then she went home.  Jim had called to check in as well.


Now Mom is nursing spare ribs for our dinner I think.  She has decided that she will not be doing the chemo-therapy after all.  She looked into it and talked with Dr. Lu and found out it would make her sick.  Even though this would make things more manageable.


Well I better go.  I Have some other news of the pet kind but it will have to wait until next time.




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