Dear Friends

February 15, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Happy Saturday afternoon!  I hope all of you are well.  I can’t believe it is the afternoon already.  I woke up pretty early and was out the door by 9 to run some errands and get my haircut.  I did this in anticipation of more snow.  It had not arrived by the time it originally was supposed to.


    Mom got up round 8 or so and  had her coffee and read her paper and got dressed.  I did ask what she wanted to do about dinner but it was too early to think about it.


I was really hoping my luck would continue today and not have any aches or pains.  It didn’t.  My right arm is giving me a little pain I have to hold it at times.   Its hard for me to explain.  I did take some tylenol so hopefully it will subside for awhile.


I was hoping to spend the rest of the afternoon quietly or lazily not sure what will happen.  I am still doing laundry like I said I didn’t want to do.


I heard from Debbie M today.  I had sent her an email (to the wrong email addy) to tell her about the baby shower on the 8th.  Apparently she had sent me a cute text earlier about the shower.


Around 2 I took a trip to the store down the street for Milk.  Just as I was leaving it started to snow by the time I got back it had stopped.  I guess Mom’s been making bread pudding and puttering around.


Well I am going to chill out so see you all later…


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