Dear Friends

February 16, 2014

Dear Friends:


    It is the end of another weekend.  I can imagine it went by as fast for you as it did for me.  Although I admit most of it was a lazy weekend.  I did my regular Sunday morning routine (well except for church) .  I came home when it was too late to go to church.


    Once again I had a slow start to the day.  It took me a while to sleep last night because everything seemed to ache.  I did get up finally and managed to get a few things done like emptying the dishwasher,  making sure Mom’s papers were where she could find them when she got up that sort of thing.


I didn’t expect to get a phone call  from my cousin Bill.  He wanted to let Mom know there would be a slight change in his visit schedule in a couple of weeks.  I guess there is a UCONN game that weekend and he wanted to see her before that.   I told MOm later but she just wasn’t up to talking about it.

Mom was not feeling well at all today.  She slept for most of it and was only up long enough to chug some ginger ale and meds.  I called Liz this morning to let her know (so she wouldn’t come all the way here for the communion but she came anyway) and again this afternoon.  She was concerned.


I heard from Jim today as well.  It was his bi-weekly check in and so we talked about the cat, weather, and the kids.  He did sound good and everything seems okay with him of course he was concerned about Mom.


I just looked outside and it is snowing again.  I guess its been snowing for an hour or so.  It looks like it is coming down hard too.  It supposed to end shortly.  Sure it is.


Well I am going to get ready for bed.  I will see you tomorrow.


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