Dear Friends

February 19, 2014

Dear Friends:


    I have a feeling my friend/co-worker Terry may be right about me having Gout.  She had me look it up and a few of the symptoms are what I have had.  It started at night and the pain is at best bearable. if I don’t move much.  This prompted me to call Debra so that we could make other arrangements for our session this week.


Debra called me back this morning and agreed that the sidewalks are slippery and suggested we have a phone session and meet in person next week.  She called back for the session by 11:30.


Last night I got a call from Silkies company and it was a collections call.  I was furious they called me on the house phone.  I immediately sent an email asking them to cease and desist all calls.  I informed them and I remember doing this that I wanted to cancel my account that I would not be using their service 2 years ago.  I got an email this morning asking for more information..  I had gotten some flyers awhile back but nothing of the packages I used to get.  I threatened to report them to the FTC and BBB if they continue to harass me over this..  I was getting far too many and not using them all.  Let’s see what they have to say..  They did email me and needed more information.


Well I am going to finish watching the NCIS Ralph Waite Tribute Marathon and then I am going to bed…




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