Dear Friends

February 21, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Happy Friday!  Its definitely a lot warmer outside.  For how long is a different ball game.  I slept until 6:30 this morning but managed to get out in good time.  I even got the garbage out and put away a few more things that I had left out last night.  Go me!


    I am still limping but not as much.  As I said I had a pretty good sleep with very little pain.  The foot does get stiff and so does my butt when I first get up and then seems normal.  I did promise my friend Ray from the journaling group that I would definitely have it looked at.


I haven’t done any of the weekly journaling prompts or updates from the lists I belong.  I have been putting them off because of one thing or another (no energy or time).  I actually did do the “weekend plans” post today.


Today Lisa S who has been on our HMO team is moving to the Credentialing team down the hall so they had pizza.  She says she will be here daily to visit with Judy but I will still miss her.

I paid some bills for now.  One of them is getting back to a manageable level.  I have to work on the other one.


My hope for tonight is to relax.  I have had a long week and I can feel that I  am getting tired already.


WEll I better go…see you later.


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