Dear Friends

February 23, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Hello from the tropics.  Well it is a heat wave of sorts.  Its been in the 50’s for most of the day  The sun shining for now but I did notice it getting cloudy for a short time.  It looks like we are going to get some precipitation over night after all (wheeee)


    The morning activities went pretty well.  I had 15 residents playing bingo and a few of them won a couple of games each.  Unfortunately all they got was my undying love and gratitude.  There wasn’t any change to play with.  For the most part everyone played well together.


    I did end up going to church late (I really don’t like that btw).  I was so late that I came in the middle of the homily from Father Aiden.   Then after the homily was the financial reports for the church.  I just don’t think that should have been reported during mass.  I am sure they have meetings for that kind of thing (I found it all boring).


    When I got home I found Liz and Young Nelson 3 visiting Mom.  Nelson was being incredibly shy with me today.  He wouldn’t come near me but he did wave good bye to me when they were leaving.  Mom really had a good time with them despite the fact she was having hard time with the dry mouth.


We had a mid afternoon lunch and then I hung out.  Something Mom didn’t appreciate as we discussed my going to the store.  She got really annoyed with me (it was quarter of four).  I felt she was being unreasonable and started on me about “she can’t do it anymore and that you have to take up the slack”.  WTF do you think I have been doing all these weeks?  So after she said that and then added some stuff to the list I went.


It took me an hour to get it all done and I was back at the house a little after 5.   I let her check out all the stuff and except for a couple of bruises on the vegetables it met with some good approval rating.  We decided to have cube steaks for dinner.


WE worked on it together and was finished eating by six or six thirty.  UNfortunately MOm’s taste buds were not working so she didn’t really enjoy it.  She even tried to eat a piece of chocolate cake but couldn’t finish it.  She gave it to me and then came upstairs for bed.   When I came upstairs I noticed she was not there yet but getting ready.  She couldn’t find the NYTs magazines so I went back down and looked for them.  She had them.

Mom has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  When Liz was here she said that Nelson would not mind taking her but MOm said to her that I could do it.  When she asked me while LIz was here I said I could but it was last minute.   So we stayed with Nelson could do it.  THrough out the day I thought about it and I really felt put upon.  If Mom knew she had an appointment she could have told me like a few days ago and I would have put the time in and done it.


I guess it all worked out for the best but it irks me that she does this.  She sometimes acts like everyone else’s schedule is built around her.  For example two weeks ago my cousin calls to ask her if it would be okay if he could change a date for his quick visit.  I had to remind Mom a couple of times to discuss it with me.  She kept putting it of (he wanted to come on March 1 instead of day earlier).  Well I finally sent him a message this morning saying it was fine.


Well its now late and I am getting tired and even watching the last couple of hours of a Tony DiNozzo/NCIS marathon can keep me up.  Besides my wrist and foot are anxious to rest now as it is.


Have a great night..


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