Dear Friends

February 26, 2014

Dear Friends:


    I decided to stay in bed longer than I should have but I managed to get out a little after 7:30.  The ride in wasn’t bad and I managed to get here a little after 8.


    The sky had an interesting dark gray color to it and it made everything look different.  It’s clear the snow they are predicting is coming but it looked pretty to me.  New Haven is supposed to get snow showers later today and I would imagine so is back home.


I spent the first hour working on re=address mail and sending a few emails out to let KB know about my appointments for the next couple of days.  She is in charge of the payroll for now until Judy comes back from ML.  The lockbox I worked on the rest of the morning until the second leg of the mail came.


Well after several years of empty buildings the College Street shopping strip finally was torn down this week.  The shops there cl0sed many years ago and the parking lot was used for the high school across the street and a parking lot for workers.  The parking lot closed before Christmas.  There is a talk of a apartment and store complex going in and all I could think of is from Friends where they see the ugly naked guy all the time.


I had an exasperating day when I got back from my session with Debra today.  Tehre were a couple of things that I send via inter-office/campus mail and they came back.  I put some mail on a table (and it became mountainous) and it fell all over the floor and into the trash can.  Let’s just say the office heard me.  I was made aware of it by CAroline.  On the way home I called Terri to talk about it but I know she just called but left no message.


When I got home saw some neighbors and talked about the weather.  AFter that visit I put the garbage cans out around front.  I put the rest of the garbage out around 7.


Dinner was scallops and leftover vegetables from yesterday.  I cleaned the kitchen and Mom watched TV until about 6:30 or 7.  I also watched TV.


I also had to do some laundry.


Tomorrow I have an eye Doctor’s appointment in town for 8:30.  I am thinking it should take an eye (it’s also a field visual test as well)  Then I will go to work.


Well I better get to the laundry.


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