Dear Friends

February 28, 2014

Dear Friends”


    Yesterday was a long and crazy day..  My eye doctor’s appointment was longer than I expected and so I didn’t get back to the office until almost noon.  Luckily the volume of the mail wasn’t overwhelming and I was able to finish it by the end of the day.  Ann and I left a few minutes early to get to our destinations


When I got home I found Mom heading for the bathroom and getting sick.  She was in regular clothes but I helped her into her pajamas and she went back to bed.  I put the clothes she had in the washer in the dryer and then I got ready for the dinner.


I got to the restaurant in pretty good time despite the fact I couldn’t find the entrance to the parking lot for it but did a short while later. Many were already there and I sat with the organizing duo of Nancy and Lisa.  I also sat with Lisa’s niece and of course Alexis and Marsha.  It was an interesting dinner conversations throughout the night..


One of the conversations had to do with gratitude journals.  Everyday write down what we are grateful for .  I shared that every thursday (except last night) the journal writing list I belong to has a “A Thankful thursday” post.  I found the whole discussion very interesting.  Of course still haven’t done a gratitude or thankful thursday entry yet.


I got to see some former supervisors (Ms Shirley and of course Ms Ann who I see every day) and I had the opportunity to meet Joan’s family and of course see former co-workers who retired as well.  The food was delicious it was buffet style and it was your basic pasta, seafood, chicken and vegetable.  DEssert was cake from the BIG Y^ and ice cream and coffee.


It was some time after 8 when I left and noticed it had snowed while we were inside.   There wasn’t a lot but it was cold enough. The ride home was not that bad but I did get a little lost getting to the highway but I found it and was home by 8:30.


I came in and didn’t notice that Mom was crouching in her chair sleeping.  I just started to do laundry and when I turned around I noticed her.  I woke her up to make sure she was okay (the way she was positioned I wasn’t sure) she said she couldn’t sleep on the bed.  I continued to do the laundry until 11 but I rested on the couch then I went upstairs. MOm finally came up around 20 of 2 this morning.


Work went pretty well.  Volume was not bad for month end I was able to finish it and work on the re-address mail for most of the day.  Mom called me to ask me to go shopping for some things after work so that’s what I did when I left.


I did pretty well and was home by 5:30 as i expected.  A short time later we had dinner.  Mom couldn’t eat it all.  It was salmon and potatoes.  I enjoyed it.    After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and Mom watched TV for a while and I went upstairs.


Now MOm is in bed and I am going there myself.


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