Dear Friends

March 1, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Can you believe it is March 1 already?  It is the beginning of March Madness (or did that start already?),  Today has been rather busy.  We had an early morning visit from my cousin Bill and his daughter Shelly.  They were in town for the Uconn VS Cincinnati game in Hartford at Noon.


After they left Mom got a call from Jim and a visit from our friend Tess who brought a souffle for Mom to have.  Their discussion they were having I could see turning into a rather uncomfortable disagreement so I took off for the stores.


My first stop was to Baby’s R Us and I went for help immediately the first outfit I wanted they didn’t have but then I go these cute little things for $15.00 and then a $9 package of Huggies.  Then I went to Costco and got a few things there and by 1:30 I was home.


The rest of the time I hung out and watched a little bit of TV.  It was a double feature of Star Wars (the Mark Hamill ones).  It was a lazy afternoon actually.  Mom dozed at the computer and then sat out back.  I had to convince her to put the heater on out there.  She was chilled…Hello?


Around 4 her friend Brian came by for a visit.  I wasn’t sure if we would have something to serve him but Mom wasn’t up to it and I certainly didn’t know what to give him.   Things we did have were in the freezer.


It is actually a beautiful afternoon weather wise.  Its partly sunny and 36 degrees.  The storm they are predicting is supposed to come some time Monday morning but something tells me it will get here sooner than that..  We will have to see.


For now though I think I will go watch the marathon.


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