Dear Friends

March 3, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Well I am happy to report that the big bad snow storm did not show up.  Apparently a few of the weather people (or at least one from Channel 8) had been saying it all week.  They are saying there will be a few flurries but nothing more.


    I have to laugh at myself.  I had planned on getting up at 5:30 and start getting ready for work and make sure things were actually done around here right?  Well I didn’t actually get up until 6 but managed to do the things I needed to do and still leave fairly on time.


Even though there was no snow the walk to the office from the parking garage was very cold and windy.  I could feel it right through my coat.  I had to hold on to my hat the entire time.  I was glad for the second cup of coffee when I got inside.


Lockbox was light so that allowed me to work on the re-address mail for most of the morning until the second leg of the mail came.  The second and final legs of the mail were not bad either.


Mid-morning I got a phone call from my Lupus Dr cancelling Thursday’s appointment.  I was a little annoyed by this because she cancelled the one in January for something else as well.  I explained to the girl on the phone about the aches and pains and problems walking and of course MOm and Liz’s concern.  So she suggested I go see the Nurse Practioner next week in the Hamden office.  Today would be the day as my toe is giving me grief now and the sneaker is pressuring the toe and it hurts.

After work I headed straight for Dr. Liu’s office for the check-in and infusion.  I was curious to see if I had lost any weight this week.  I am happy to say I did.  I lost another 4 lbs…go me!  Oh and he is pleased with the numbers for the iron and anemia.


 Afterwards I headed over to LIz & nelson’s to pick up the bankbook from Liz and to confirm arrangements for the 13th.  Liz had given me the heads up that Mom was not feeling well at all today.  I was on my way home just before 6.


Mom was upstairs in the bathroom when I got home.  As usual I scared her and she told me she tried to wait as long as possible but she was going to bed.  We talked about dinner  and the news that Jim and James are coming up Thursday.  As soon as I said goodnight to her I headed for the stew.


I had a bowl of stew and a couple of tablespoons of BBQ sauce.  It was delicious.  AFter watching the Jedi movie I came here and probably will get ready for bed soon..


There is just one thing I need to do first…


In the mean time have a great one.


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