Dear Friends

March 10, 2014

Dear Friends:


I hope your Monday went well.  I woke up early and it was still dark so I stayed in a little longer.  I got ready and left by 7:30 and got to the office a little after 8.  The day was kind of long.  I was tired and hungry for most of the morning.  I spent time on the re-address mail in between opening the mail.  I nearly forget to request time off for my appointment on Thursday.


I left for my  iron infusion shortly after 4.  It was beautiful  afternoon and having the sun still out at 5 was great. This was my 5th and final infusion for now.  I see Dr. Lu next week to review the numbers.   I am hoping I can start to take the iron pills (and regularly).  My BP was fine.  I didn’t get weighed this time I was glad because I know I ate a lot this weekend.


When I got home tonight I found  Mom asleep in her bed.  I just let her until she got up a short time later for a very short time.  She said her back hurt and her stomach was hurting.  She went to get something to drink and then went back to bed.  She did give me some instructions though.  i had to clean out the refrigerator.  I did that after I watched NCIS:LA.  I called Liz to let her know about Mom.  She says she will stop by tomorrow.  Mom actually was awake and reading some articles in bed when I came to bed.  She was feeling better so I will let Liz know in the morning.


I received a lovely invitation to Ashley and Michael’s Bridal shower (actually its for Ashley) its at a tea room in Shelton.  It is in April and I am excited.  I was talking with them at the birthday party the other day about their wedding plans and they had told me how far they had gotten.


Well now that I made the phone squad calls I better get to bed…


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