Dear FRiends

March 11, 2014

Dear Friends:


It is another beautiful day here in Connecticut.  It is n the mid to low 50’s and sunny.  It was a bit cold this morning but it was okay.  Tomorrow will be a whole different story.  The newest storm is named Vulcan (why?).  My hope is it will turn out to be a dud but from the way the report is sounding its not.  Sigh.


Tonight should be a fairly quiet night.  I want to do some laundry so that I won’t have that much to do over the weekend.  Saturday is probably going to be shopping and cleaning but Sunday I have the carnival and bingo.  I still haven’t a clue as to why Bingo was cancelled last week.  I never heard from Natalie again.


I actually did talk to Mom today.  She sounded okay.  She was thinking about dinner.  I think we may have spaghetti again and I hope she let’s me make it.  She sounded doubtful but we will see.


Well I better go…got things to do still




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