Dear Debra

Dear Friends:


    Man it feels like forever since I was writing.  Its been busy at work for some reason the mail volume seemed very heavy and of course those stupid Medical society journals came early this month.   The last couple of days  I have had appointments and that just has messed up my schedule too.  I have also been surfing the net when I shouldn’t be so there is all that too.


    I saw Debra on Wednesday it was a good session but it went by quick.  We got caught up on my week, family, health, work etc.  we will meet again next week.  That night was the Healthcare panel at Harkness Auditorium.  It was fully packed and on some levels very interesting but the moderator left a lot to be desired  Many people thought this would be about their jobs alone (but it was basically about the Healthcare landscape.  That includes all the hidden fees of all the others that have to be done.   There was  an article in the Register about it yesterday. The whole thing lasted until about 6:30 and by then I was anxious to go home.  I was in a great deal of pain and the weather was rainy and cold.


I never did make it to the woman’s club meeting this week.  I will meet up with Roberta this afternoon and we will catch up on that and other things.  We do have the Carnival on Sunday so that’s the big thing we are working on right now.    ACtually Telka asked either Roberta or myself to deliver a healing blanket to a resident but I haven’t had the time.


YEsterday was the day I saw the Nurse Practitioner at the Arthritis and Osteoporosis center.  She was great but didn’t know why i am such pain (it might be lupus related) but she isn’t sure so i have to do the blood work, and took x-rays and wants me to follow up with Dr. Spanolios and then see Dr. C in two months.  For right now though I am taking the prednisone.  i took the first 6 last night. (its the medpak)


Today I get the new lenses put into my glasses and i can’t wait.  I really need the clarity for driving (or distance) and of course the reading part is important too.  Then I will head to Roberta’s for our catch up session.


Finally,  Mom has been getting out and driving the car.  Earlier this week she went to the post office and yesterday she went and did some shopping and then came back.  I do have mixed feelings about this.  Partly because at least she is getting out but if something happens (if she has pain attack, or can’t see something) it could be seriously dangerous.


Well I need to get going its going to be another cold morning and I am going to try and get to the office early.



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