Dear Friends

March 16, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Good  Sunday to you.  It is just after 8.  Sunday Morning Baroque is playing on the computer.  I have a load of a laundry going and I have already had breakfast and have updated my Penpal  World blog


Today is going to be a long day or I should say a full day.  I will be leaving in a while for bingo and church and then our annual Carnival for the residents at West River Nursing home.  We have to be there at 1:30 and start it at 2 until 3 (I think).  I don’t know if I will be up for anything else after that.


    I have to say I am feeling better than I was yesterday afternoon and i did get some sleep last night.  I am hoping it stays this way for the rest of the day.


    I am having a concern.  I am beginning to think my eyes and glasses are going back to the way they were before I got the new lenses in them.  Some things seem a little blurry then they were and I am wondering if those pre-moistened biodegradable wipes are doing the damage.  Admittedly if I took my glasses off everything would be very blurry but is just a little nerve wracking.  i Have been really careful with these new lenses since getting them.


Well its time for me to take off.  Enjoy


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