Dear Friends

March 18, 2014

Dear Friends:


I hope you had a good morning.  It started off really in the 20’s and it was brrr.  It eventually went into the 40’s which is infinitely better but not all that much.


My dinner plans last night didn’t pan out so well.  Before Mom went to bed she told me to put in for 30 minutes.  Well it was far too long.  At the temperature they said (375_F) the whole thing melted (including the container it was in).  So I ended up having cereal and irish soda bread.  I will have to try again next time.


After dinner and a few episodes of NCIS:LA I decided to call it an early evening.  I did some bill paying and surfing.  I also took the last of med for the day.  I also called Liz who was feeling much better and getting ready to go to an Irish history lecture but my reason for calling her was to let her know Mom wasn’t feeling well..


I am a little disappointed to say that even though I am taking the prednisone I am beginning to get the aches and pains back in the legs again.  I was limping a little bit yesterday and I took the last one today.  and I am not sure what to do next.  Actually I still have to call my PCP and check in with him but I don’t want to take the time.

Work is going pretty steady.  I found out this morning the two teams I am associated with here had a meeting yesterday to see what could be done to help KB and JF from being laid off in May.  If I had been invited I would have been there.  Some want the union involved and the union reps will see if there is anything the union could do.  Others are not so gung ho because they are worried about their own jobs.  The union and University have added low level management to the union.


There is also a health program starting on campus again.  Its the Walking campaign for healthy living.  I have tried it a couple of times in the past but I am not sure I can or want to again.  Yeah I know my doctors want me to do it but again it depends on the time and my energy level.


I have to say I am really pleased the MYWC carnival was a success for the fourth year in  a row.  It takes a lot of time to figure a date and the activities we usually do.  Next year we plan on printing out the lyrics of some of the older songs the girls don’t know very well.


Dr. Telka has told me that our one of our first Girls Club Presidents recently got in touch with her with very happy baby news.  Katie O and her husband welcomed a baby girl.  All is healthy and happy.


Our Beth-El Shelter dinner is on March 26, 2014 at 4:30.  We will start serving around 5:30 and it will be an international theme.  It will be (hopefully) a variety of different main courses, side dishes, salads, and of course desserts.  We usually eat with the residents and chat with them.


Our 3rd annual Fashion show will be on May 18, 2014 at Carriage Green Senior Complex.  Volunteers will wear any of their favorite outfits.  They are Prom dresses, uniforms, costumes anything they want to be.  We had a lot of fun last year.

We also have our Creative Writing Contest Reception on may 19th  and that will at City Hall and that is always fun.  Students in the local schools submit poems short stories and we pick the best out of each category and grade.  It is open to 1st grade to 12th Grade students. We also will be honoring the girls who will be graduating this year and going on to college in the fall.  I can’t believe it is fast approaching.


The Milford DTC is getting busy again.  Not only do we have our monthly 4th district meeting this week but we have a candidates meet and greet the same evening.  The meet and Greet starts at 5:30 and then our meeting starts at 7:30.  They are at opposite sides of the city.


In May we have our conventions for the various candidates offices (State Rep, Congress, Senator, and our Registrar of voters.  Mom has already told me she volunteered me for the meet and greet.


The summer will bring two of our biggest fundraisers and the most fun.  We have an annual Dinner that honors not only those on the Town Committee but those who embrace the Democratic values (sorry if this sounds like preaching) and community service.  Mom was one of the honoree’s last year.  The other is the Annual Oyster festival in August.  The link provided is from last year and as the time approaches it will be updated.  Then in the fall we prepare of the 2014 elections.


Okay its time for me to mosey on out.  Have a great afternoon!


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