Dear Friends

March 21, 2014

Dear Friends:


It was a beautiful chilly morning this morning and after a rather sleepless night it was a welcome change.  Actually the night wasn’t that bad.  Around 10:30 Monsour Preston decided that he wanted to cuddle with me on the bed.  He was going to plant himself near my face but I was a little apprehensive so I had him move down a little.  He listened and planted himself next to me.  After a while he got under the covers and then moved right next to me like a person.  He was content just staying there.  He let me pet him on the head and anytime I would have to get out of bed I let him know.


He was cooperative this morning.  He did start to growl when I pet him one more time as I left.  I continued to talk with him and tell him and packy they were both good boys.  I did notice Packy started to growl again and Preston was no where near him.  I am hoping the boys will want to go out this afternoon when I get home but again I Will play it by ear.  I did clear out the dog dishes with dinner from last night and I gave them each their treats and fresh water.


I have to confess despite what sounds like an upbeat post I am not really feeling that great.  The stomach feels queasy and it has since last night.  I know the hash browns for breakfast didn’t help any but I was hungry.


I made my daily calls to both Liz and Mom.  I woke Liz up but that’s okay.  We talked about Cheryl’s birthday on Sunday and I am going because it will be in Town instead of at Cheryl’s house.  I will stay for an hour or so and be back at the house in time for Pat and Nancy to get back.

The first time I called home no answer.  After lunch I called back and Mom was on her way out for blood work.  She sounded good but she said she didn’t need anything to be done so I headed home after work.


The boys were good.  Of course Preston growled and barked from his perch but I just marched right past him to the bathroom and continued to talk.  When I was done I walked to the side of the room and mentioned going out…he was receptive and allowed me to put the leash on him and Packy too.  The walk went from the house down the street and around the corner they both did their jobs and then we came inside.  I was foolish enough to go without a coat so now I was pretty glad we were inside.


We relaxed in the bedroom and watched TV.  At one point The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey movie was on but it was getting too suspenseful for me.  Preston was cuddling before but they heard their neighbor move around so they were barking at him.  Preston started looking atme so I chatted with him and kept petting his head.  He was really fine with it.


I debated whether or  not I would just get into my pajamas as I was really tired and cold and I didn’t want to go back out again tonight with the pups (I am hoping  they weren’t anxious about it either).


Well I am going to go back to bed..see you later…


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