March 24, 2014

Dear Friends:


If it is spring then why does it feel so cold?  I can’t seem to get warmed up this morning and have had a lot of coffee to get warm.  I hope I am not catching anything.  On a different matter for some reason my hand was itching and I don’t know what caused it.  It seemed to subside by mid morning.  I called home and Mom seems to be having a crap day.  She was dozing when I called and I don’t think she slept well last night.


I found out that one of my fellow bloggers lost her brother this morning.  Her blog was about her experience being a primary care provider for Al.  She shared the ups and downs and she found something inspirational at all times.


Work went well.  Ms Judy returned from her extended medical leave.  Apparently she was supposed to come back last week but had the flu.  It was great to see her because I missed her.  I kept her apprised of all that was I have been doing.


Livi came to clean the house today.  I made sure there was nothing on the floor and the sheets were out so she could change the bedsheets.  When I called this morning she was already there.


I was just looking at my calendar and the next two day (today and tomorrow) should be fairly quiet.  Mid week (Wednesday and Thursday are quite busy) and then Friday will be my relaxing night.  The first part of the weekend is busy and the other half will be catch up and getting ready for the following week.

Well I have a few more things to do before I head home.   I will check in before going to bed tonight.






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