Dear Friends

April 4, 2014

Dear Friends:


    Well I am thankful its friday.  I had another night of merry-go-round with the arms and hands.  I know I got some sleep but I also did a lot of crying  I think that’s why I got the sleep because I cried myself to sleep (along with taking the ibuprofen this time).  I can feel it tugging just a little now but I can take some tylenol later.  I will be telling the doctors I see next month all about this by the way.


I have discovered the acne wash/scrub that I bought earlier this week is not good for my face.  It has major breakouts last night.  I can use the astringent but that’s it.  The face is almost back to normal.  I am hoping I will be able to get the metrogel for the face as well.


It was in the low 40’s in the morning and had been told to expect showers for the day and all night.  We are supposed to get rain until Saturday morning but the rest of the weekend is supposed to be nice.


Tonight is the Membership Cocktail party at Stonebridge Restaurant.  I took a cursory look at my suit and I think it will pass as the outfit for the night.  I am not planning on staying all that long.  I am going to try and get to bed fairly early and pray I don’t have a repeat of the last several nights.


Tomorrow will probably be in house stuff.  The laundry that is littering my floor and Taxes.  I have less than a week to do taxes.  I usually do the H&R Block program they send in the mail every year.  It usually takes me a while to get it downloaded and updated and then work on the actual taxes.  


Sunday morning is the ST Mary’s KFC Communion Breakfast and Liz and Nelson invited me.  I was hesitant when I discovered it was after the 8:30 mass but I decided I would either forego Bingo or be late.  I am not sure what the afternoon will bring.


I actually talked with Liz this morning and we were discussing the logistics of Sunday.  She tells me the kids (Chris’s two kids) will be attending the breakfast and she is going to check with Chris to see if she could take them to church or not.  She says that she wanted them to see Nelson in his full Knights uniform for that day.  As of right now will be meeting her at their house.

I also talked with Mom.  She was about to have “brunch” and sounded out of breath.  As I said to Liz when I spoke with her it is hard for Mom to walk a great distance.  Anyway Mom and I discussed dinner plans and was confirming I wasn’t having dinner at home.  Mom said she slept well but I could sense she is still in a cranky state.  I can’t actually blame her but it can be difficult to deal with.


The rest of my day went by pretty nicely.  I finished the daily stuff fairly early and managed to get more of the re-address mail tackled   Even though I got more today.


Well its time for me to hit the road.  I will check with you all later on tonight..




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