Dear Friends

April 8, 2014

Dear Friends:


The week has barely  begun and I am wishing for the next weekend already   I woke up stiff  and achy the last couple of mornings.. I also had sleepless nights too.   I think I may have overdone it in the physical activity department.  That includes the walking and climbing staircases and carrying heavy objects (like the mobile heater).  I sometimes wish I could be in the hot showers all day.  The Tylenol seems to be kicking in so hopefully it will be better today.


Mom spent a good part of yesterday into last night at the ER.  The Doc she saw yesterday wanted her to get a few tests done and instead of waiting for her to do it on her own (this would be much quicker).  So Liz drove her there and they spend a lot of time waiting I think.  She had the test late in the afternoon and had to wait around until midnight.  She was not happy.They did keep her warm and comfortable and she got her hot dog she has been craving for weeks.  Her heart was fine but she was anemic so that meant they  had to give her infusions or transfusions or something.  I called her at Lunch time but no answer.  I hope she didn’t wake up after that.


I didn’t have much lock box today so that will in all likelihood mean I will get it tomorrow.  I did have my regular volume of US mail and still managed to get a lot of re-address mail done.  At least the pile is getting smaller.


Tonight should be a fairly quiet night.  I may even go to bed early if possible.


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