Dear Friends

April 11, 2014

Dear Friends:


I am sorry for the disappearing act but its been hectic and busy and I just got so tired that I couldn’t write.


Of course the last few days are quickly becoming a blur.  I saw Debra mid-week and it went fine and by quickly.  I gave her the highlights of the week that included Family, work,  and the health.


Work is fine despite the fact my boss catching me online when I should have been working.  I actually was but it wasn’t a good time.  She didn’t say anything which I am grateful for but I still had the guilt trip  The mail volume was doubled at one point but now is back to normal for now.   I did get the journals earlier than normal.


There was a lunchtime meeting for Local 34 on Wednesday.  It was basically and update to the activities going on.  I have to check with my fellow union peeps who went.  I would have been there but it conflicted with my appointment with Debra and by the time I got there it would have been over.


The Woman’s Club Meeting/Girls Club meeting was good.  We discussed a number of activities that are coming up.  It looks like our June meeting will be a farewell dinner to the Senior girls graduating and going on to college.  As I mentioned earlier the fashion show will be rescheduled for a later date.


Mom is home from stent surgery.  She had a bad night Wednesday (rolfing into the wee morning Thursday)  She had seen a doctor again and they decided to have another stent put in.  At first they felt Tuesday would be good but after around of discussions it was decided today.  I suspect it will be a low key weekend for her.


I have been doing pretty well in the health area.  The itching has subsided quite a lot in recent days.  The arms and legs have their moments but then tylenol works.  I have been sleeping a little better I think.    I did make an appointment for the Dermatologist and that will be May 1st.


I have been house sitting for Nancy’s Neighbors the last couple of days and its really great.  They are lovable too.  Lucky  (he is a mini Poodle) the little one growled only once but didn’t’ when I came back this morning.  I am a little worried that Max  (wired terry) isn’t getting enough but their parents come home tonight.  Nancy wants me to watch her pups next month.  I am going to stop by and visit with them after I finish with Lucky and Max..


Tonight I may just relax.  The rest of the weekend will be filled with activities.  I am going to Newington with the Mexican Train game gang and listen to Boomers tomorrow night and then Sunday I have to buckle down and do the taxes after the morning activities.


In the mean time I need to go and do some more work.  I will chat with you later…:)



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