Dear Friends

April 14, 2014

Dear Friends:


This weekend was not the best weekend.  Friday night after chasing after “Max” when he escaped from the back yard I fell while holding on to him and he got loose from me-again.  I had scraped hands, knees and bruised hand not to mention ego.    Lucky wasn’t being at all lovable so I left him to his own devices.


Mom was sleeping when I came home so I let her sleep after getting a few instructions from Liz.   I woke her up for her meds at 9 and then a half hour later she went back to sleep and I eventually went to bed.  The rest of the weekend between was the pits.  She was obnoxious and mean spirited.  Yes I realize she may not be feeling well but when she mistakenly thought I was on warfarin I tried to tell her and she was rude.  So she was absolutely unbearable for the rest of the weekend.  As I have maintained I don’t give a flying fuck that she is sick or dying and has pancreatic cancer.  If the positions were reverse and I was mean bitch and abusive there would be no question that I would be put in my place.


When I talked with Liz about it she was totally understanding and feels terrible about it.  She keeps reminding me that I need to be patient and maybe try and turn things around by changing the situation.  Its a good idea I guess so I tried it tonight when I got home.  I will see how it worked later.  Anyway Liz and I are making plans to do some shopping for a blouse for the outfit I am wearing to the bridal shower in two weeks.  Our hope is to go tomorrow after work.  I still have to get gifts too.  Liz also told me that Chris is making us Lobster for Easter dinner.  Its Liz’s and his gift to us.


Saturday night I went to Newington with the Mexican Train game gang.  We got there by 7 and had dinner and listened to the band until about 9:30.  I Had so much bread I was unable to finish my meal so I ate it on Sunday.


On Sunday I had learned that my resident Bingo player Joe C had passed away earlier that Morning.  According to the reports he had stopped taking his medicines.  His wife Mary was crushed.  She told me he was tough on me.  Something I admit I don’t mind now.  Mary has promised to come back and help with bingo in the future.


After we finished bingo I went to Palm Sunday services.  It was a long service and unfortunately my legs were not cooperating that day.  I am not sure if it was because of the stress from earlier in the weekend or not.

Sunday afternoon the atmosphere around here was tense so we left each other alone for the most part.  MOm did her bills and I managed to work on my taxes.  It took me about two hours in all to do it.  That included installing the program and paying for it and what not.  After I finished that I spent time watching TV and doing a little bit of laundry that I haven’t finished.  I put it in the dryer after dinner tonight.


Mom went to bed late because she had lied down for a nap.  She was not feeling well and she didn’t look good at all either.


I ended up staying in my room for the rest of the night and went to bed by 8.  I was pretty tired so I was glad I went.


Today was a good day.  The weather was beautiful.  Traffic was light because of spring break for local schools.  The mail volume was enough that I could spend a lot of time on the readdress mail.  unfortunately I got a lot more and just added it to the never ending pile.  The offices are going to be painted in the next month or so and we have to make sure the walls are cleared off and the computers shut down in time for the two day paint job ( which should be a weekend in May)  My hope is to have everything cleared out and I will be on vacation at that point.


Mom is heading to bed and I think I will too.


Good Night

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