Dear Friends

April 16, 2014

Dear Friends:


last night was a semi-success.  Even if it started rather late.  When I got home Mom wasn’t home so I called Liz  and suggested I wait until Mom got home..  Mom had gone to the Doctor by herself (stubborn) and then she went to the store..  I left once we put the groceries away and she was upstairs getting in her pajamas..


When I got to Liz’s she was on the phone with my niece about the shower.  She seemed to be panicking about the RSVP;s. Liz wasn’t as worried as her or the MIL (Ashley’s Mom).  After all that and a few minutes of chatting we took off for the stores.  First stop was Talbots but they were closed by 6.  Our next stop was Dressbarn where we picked out but put on hold three possible choices (all in the size 16 range).  We left there and went to Christmas Tree Shop,  LIz needed stuff there.


It was getting late and windy and rainy so we headed back to the house and I came home and watched TV and then went to bed..  Mom was still awake and I told her we haven’t found anything yet.  I actually went into more detail today when I saw her.  Anyway we will be getting together tonight I think to look at more dresses.  It really felt good that I went down in several dress sizes.  I am usually a size 20 or 22 and 1x or 2x.


Work went well and was very busy.  I managed to get a flyer written up for Joanie and will pass it out tomorrow.  I do have to finish today’s stuff tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to work more on the re-address stuff as it really needs to be cleared out by mid May..  We did get some good news Kathy B has a job in Reimbursement in two weeks.  I found out as I was leaving the office so I ran back and congratulated her.


When I got home Mom was in the back   She wasn’t really feeling good and her voice seemed raspy,.  She had her dinner (I wasn’t hungry) and I relaxed for a bit and then got the minutes written up from last month for tonight’s meeting.  As the time got closer I had to make sure things were ready for refreshments.  Mom ended up not staying up for the meeting.  M&T came and helped with refreshments.  Tessa stayed with Mom until more people came.


The meeting finished fairly early despite the late start.  We had 11 people and several of those who said they would be there didn’t show up.  I find that rather annoying..  We discussed email delivery and a number of other things such as the fundraising and finding good candidates for various positions for the next election..  Everyone helped clean up and I was relaxing by 9:30.

Now that the garbage is out and I have checked my emails and forums I have to go to bed.  I am tired and starting to get a little achey.




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