Dear Friends

April 17, 2014

Dear Friends:


No sooner do I finish writing and posting one entry that I am starting another one.  I really couldn’t finish last night so that  is why I finished this morning.  I have a feeling most can tell in my writing.


I woke up really early this morning but decided to stay in bed until  after 6.  I was  already for work and out the door by  7:20 and had gotten the garbage can in its rightful place and the paper in the house.  It was pretty chilly this morning and it is in the 40’s now.  It isn’t supposed to get that much warmer and it looks like both New Haven and Milford have a frost advisory until tomorrow morning.


Work is going fine.  I finished yesterday’s stuff after I delivered some of the flyers for Mama J’s collection.  Then I worked on today’s and after that been working on re-address mail.  I am hoping to get a lot done before the long weekend.  The mood here is excited for the long holiday weekend.  The mail volume has been pretty good so I  am hoping to get a lot done.


I called Liz to see if we are still on for tonight.  She wasn’t quite sure yet.  She has the beginnings of a cold and she was just about to pick up Jason and Audrey for the weekend.    She will let me know later on in the day.  If we don’t go that will be okay.  I am getting tired already and I want to get the laundry done before the weekend starts.


At Lunch I called Mom.  She was resting.  She still doesn’t sound great or strong (and I have  got to get wrapped in my head that Mom isn’t going to be getting any better.)  However, she was planning on getting dressed and getting the lamb for dinner on Sunday.  when I spoke to her earlier   if she hadn’t picked it up I think I may be doing it.


Well I have more  work to before going


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