Dear Friends

April 19, 2014


Dear Friends:


Hey all It is Saturday Morning and the day before Easter.  I am going to be taking over the rest of the preparations of the dinner tomorrow.  Mom is going to cook the lamb(s) and the side dishes and i am hoping she is going to let me help with the cooking.  Hopefully it won’t be stressful but she isn’t easy when it comes to pressure.  I know that I need to be close by so that she can turn it over.


I have a confession to make.  I really didn’t do too much yesterday after the last entry.  I did spend time on the computer and then I went to the store to get a few things I got most everything on the list but the one type of potatoes I was supposed to get I didn’t like the looks of and Mom understood so we will go together today.


True to their word Mike & Tess stopped by with the scratch Bakery hot cross buns. They brought them last year so that we had something to serve guests and ourselves.  They were gone by the time I got back from the store.  They had plans of their own for last night and the rest of the weekend.


Mom made Shrimp and rice and it was pretty good.  SHe also made sliced eggplant no sauce.  I finished those up by the time I cleaned the kitchen.  Mom’s mouth has been bothering her and it hurts her to eat and whateverelse.  I was going to suggest that she use the biotin but she does that already.  After dinner I cleaned the kitchen and we just did our own thing.


I planted myself on the couch and became the couch potato until about 10 or so and Mom went up to bed.  I emptied the dryer and put the stuff in the wash in (Mom must have washed the pot holders)the dryer and I came upstairs and got ready for bed.  I did listen to the Profiles in Folk Easter celebration show.  I must have dozed off because I heard something else sometime after that.


My shoulder was hurting me for most of the night and I have a feeling its going to be like this the rest of the weekend.  That’s why I am hoping I do as much as possible.  The legs at this point seem to be cooperating but that could change by the end of the day.


This morning I have been finishing up the laundry I have two loads going now and two more in the wings.  I did a few other things and will take a shower and get dressed soon.


Mom is still sleeping and I am going to let her sleep for as long as she can.


We are expecting Jim sometime this afternoon.  When he gets here he will probably take a rest and then for dinner we are having stuffed lobster from Chris and Liz.  At least that what I am hoping is still happening.


It is a beautiful sunny morning and its already in the low 50’s.  Apparently we have some wind advisory and fire risk.  I can’t believe it but I guess anything is possible. At least I don’t think we need the heavy coats today!


WEll if I am going to go shower I have to get rid of a centipede I saw in there earlier..yuck.





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