Dear Friends

April 20, 2014

Dear Friends:


    It is Easter Sunday and may all the blessing and gifts that are part of it be all of yours on this day.  I am just getting ready for Bingo.   I Have been up since 7:30 and enjoyed the time of sleep.


Yesterday afternoon as I mentioned my nephew Chris came over and gave us the Lobster dinner he prepared for us for last night’s dinner.  He gave us instructions and the promise to come by and visit with the kids today.  He also promised to help find the medicine MOm has been searching for several days now.


When Chris left Mom and I headed for the store and got the potatoes and a few other things we needed..  It didn’t take long but Mom understood why I was hesitant on getting the potatoes Friday.  So we got packaged potatoes. Once we got what we needed mostly.  We headed home.


After we got home Jim arrived.  Now most of last night is starting to get fuzzy but here goes.  Jim relaxed, Mom got into her pajamas and I relaxed I guess.,  We had our dinner around 6 and was finished by 7.  Jim got the meat prepared to marinated while Mom guided him.  I got the table set up for today.  We all retired to our rooms by 8 or so.


This Morning I stayed in bed until 7:30 even though I had woken before 6.  It was around 8 when I was in the shower that I heard Mom knocking on the door.  I had no modesty and invited her to use the bathroom while I was showering.  She declined.  She had gone downstairs and used the bathroom there.  I had finished in the bathroom by the time she came back up.  She wasn’t feeling good at all but she wanted coffee.


While I got dressed Jim got up and went down.  I spent time getting dressed and getting online for a little longer.  AFter I talked with Mom and Jim for a bit I headed to Dunkin and then on to the Nursing home.


We started bingo on time but it seemed like the games took forever.  I think we actually played about 4 games total.  Marnie was wonderful agreeing to help with Teresa B’s game.  It was Teresa’s Birthday today as well.  Soo Bingo was finished and I headed to church.


    Church was crowded as it usually is for the most important holiday’s in the catholic church.  I sat down and listened to the readings and the music.  I was lucky to “volunteer and help bring the bread and wine up to the priest.  Usually they have already picked someone to do it but apparently they didn’t do it this time.  It had been years since I did.  It felt weird on some levels but I was excited to tell everyone when I got home that I did.  After Mass I ran into my cousins and chatted with them.  They had wanted to come and visit but I had to tell them Mom wasn’t up for company.


As I was heading home late (I had promised Mom I would be home by 12:30) I had called Dave.  He had sent me a cute Easter Text and so I decided to call him.  I had to put it on speaker and it was rather difficult but he sounded good and was heading over to his Aunt’s house for the holiday festivities.  We made tentative plans to get together some time soon.


When I arrived home it was nearly one.  I found Chris and his kids outside with Jim.  The kids riding their brand new scooters from their Grandma (my sister).  When they saw me they rode to me and gave me the greatest hugs.  Soon they got ready to go and with a request from Chris to maybe look at my desk for Mom’s missing medicine.  I agreed.  


When I got inside I found Liz putting our dinner in the pain and into the oven.  Mom was sitting out in her chair.  Jim was talking and saying goodbye to Chris’s family.  Liz was getting ready to go too.  I told her about taking the communion up.  She thought that was great.


The rest of the afternoon was quiet for dinner.  We had family visits and then Easter 2014 concluded.


It was a lovely day.


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