Got Lazy after a while

I am afraid that after the last entry all I managed to do is watch TV and eat more food.  I guess the spaghetti wasn’t enough food for me.  I spent the time watching various shows and movies including the Star Trek with Chris Pine.  That movie basically blows canon for the original series and movies out of the water.


I did manage to talk to Liz about tomorrow’s activities.  We even discussed my wardrobe selections for the party.  It wasn’t a long discussion as both of us were tired from our weekend activities.  As it is I haven’t really done very much else with wardrobe choosing so I am leaving that until early morning.  I have several options and they can be decided in the morning since I am not going to bingo or church that early.


I haven’t updated my health, NCIS, or my pen pal blog yet either.  I have a few things in mind for each but I am now really tired and so I think they will have to wait for another time.
I can hear the rain occasionally falling on the window pane.  It can be soothing and hopefully will put me to sleep soon.


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