The Shower

The shower at Tea with Tracy Tea shop was lovely Sunday.  We were late (which seems to be the curse of the women in our family) and we were seated at small table and served salads and then soup and given a menu of different teas and I can’t remember what mine was but it was delicious.  There were a variety of sandwiches in little triangles served on towers.  For Dessert there was Red Velvet cake. We watched Ashley open gifts and each one was a lovely as the last.


We left some time after 4 and I was home by 5.  Mom was upstairs and for the rest of the night it was a quiet Sunday night.  I actually fell asleep until 10:30 in the TV room and then moved into my room and went to bed.


I went to work for a few hours but had to come home after it was suggested that i may have pink eye and to go home..  I had already made an appointment for the doctor for 4 pm but they couldn’t change it.


So spent the time doing  laundry and watching NCIS LA and waiting for my appointment time to arrive. After the appointment I brought home a meatloaf and sides that Nelson made for us.

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