Glad its Friday

I am glad it is Friday.  It seems like its been a long week between my health, and work I hope this weekend will be quiet and relaxing but I doubt it.


The pink eye has cleared up and so I can stop the drops.  I hope I never get that again.  I am wondering if that’s what I had when I got out of the hospital two years ago.    I am still having problems with the strength in my hands lately.   Sometimes I can’t hold things for very long or I have to use the other hand.  I seem to be able to type okay but up to a point I guess.  I am having a really hard time explaining this aren’t I? I also have a little bit hard time breathing.  I get pains on my lower side (different than before) and sometimes it hurts to breath.


Work is still good.  I finally caught up with the daily stuff.  I got all of the mail opened and stamped and delivered.  I did have a couple of late pieces that can go with Monday’s.    The postage tallies were completely done and the monthly reports were done too and delivered as well.    I think I messed up on some of the tallies with the calculator and I have to be a little more vigilant with them.  Renovations continue and it is getting closer to our end of the building.  I am so not ready to pack up my office.  I still have a lot of the re-address mail to go through as well.


Expecting My brother to arrive anytime soon.  He was supposed to come up last night but couldn’t,  He is going to need to be fed too.  He will be here for a couple of days.


We had sandwiches for dinner.  Mom asked me to stop at Stop and shop and get rolls and deli meats (turkey and ham) for sandwiches.  She had a hankering for sandwiches.


I got a message from Dave today.  He wanted to get together for coffee and have one of our famous catch up sessions.  I would have gone tonight but I wanted to make sure Mom wasn’t alone but he did offer Sunday afternoon so that’s what we will do.


I think I will go watch TV for a bit and then maybe do some laundry before the weekend starts.  I do have to finish clearing out the emails and filling up my  Journal files with various emails I have let build up.


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