Big Things Happenng

Mom tells me we get connected to the new sewer system today.  I wasn’t sure when it was going to happen but its been in the works for a while now.  Kim and her family started getting connected probably earlier this and so did Don and his family.  Kim posted pictures earlier and she and her daughters were tearing up her side yard a couple of weeks back in preparation for it.  I really don’t know what the next step is.  Is there some sort of mechanism that turns it on?    All I know is we will start getting sewer bills.  Is it weird that I am looking forward to that?


Telka emailed us about dates for June meeting it looks like the girls have finals and need to study for them. She also asked about the picnic and I said any date but the weekend of June 21st as that’s the weekend of MIke and Ashley’s Wedding.  I can’t believe our meetings will be ending for the summer.  We still have the creative writing contest reception later this month and then our summer activities including the picnic and ice cream socials and a couple of fundraisers will take place in between everyone’s vacations.  Sadly we will be saying goodbye to some of the girls who are graduating this year and going off to college.  It is amazing how much they have grown while in the club.  I am sure we will keep in touch through Facebook.  Of course the girls who are still with us have an exciting adventure ahead of them and I look forward to watching them grow as well.


This past week VC Charlie sent out reminders about the Awards Dinner that is in the first week of June I believe.  It was basically  to get people to sell and buy tickets and to get people to pay for ads in the ad book we always have.  The ads you see in most programs such as “Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Young Democrat of the Year”.   They are also promotional ads for businesses etc.  I usually hate to solicit them because people don’t want to be affiliated with a political party and if they are the other political party.    The fundraising team also also sent out emails as well.  We have the monthly committee meetings coming up and I am just not ready for that one (as the minutes are MIA in my room).  We have several conventions coming up as well.  I am not a delegate to any of them and that is okay with me.  Of course in the summer we will have a tent for the OYster Festival.


The University is winding down the Academic year and all the colleges are finishing up their classes and getting ready for commencement in a couple of weeks.  I believe the reunions start just around then as well.   Then in mid may they will be sponsoring this year’s International Arts and Ideas  festival that will run from June 14th to June 28th.  I always keep saying I am going to go to these things and maybe make one or two (at least the free ones) at the most.  I don’t like coming back into the city once I leave it (usually).


The City of Milford and its residents are going to be celebrating the 375th Anniversary of Milford.  It also starts June 14th and runs until June 2015.  IT will begin with fireworks and then all sorts of things.  I may participate in a few of the activities this time.



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