Didn’t want to get out of bed

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because I had a hard time sleeping..  I did manage to leave by 7:30 but I need to try and leave earlier.  Its beautiful again and the traffic wasn’t bad either.


Work went pretty well.  The volume for lockbox surprisingly lower than usual for a Tuesday but it was made up with the Post office mail/Campus mail.  I had it all opened but not completely sorted or delivered.  I did manage to get one of the postage piles done and will do the other tomorrow.  All of it will be delivered hopefully early.


I went to Walgreen’s at Lunch and picked up some k-cups and supplies and brought them back to the office.  I have decided to at least try and cut back on buying my daily meals from the restaurant.   The food is good but expensive.  I just need to remember to bring sweetener and bowls.


I talked with Liz she said she would stop by later and say hi.  She was in the middle of gardening and having to do errands.


When I got home Mom and I had chicken alfredo for dinner and a visit from Rich.  He was in the neighborhood doing a job and wanted to stop by.  He looked great and stayed for a short while.


The rest of the night was just watching TV and now we are heading to bed.



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