Energetic Night

When I got home last night I found Mom at the stove cooking up some beans and reheating the chicken alfredo in one side of the kitchen and roasting a pork roast on the other.  She also managed to get another grocery list for Costco written and we had Liz pick  up today.


By the time dinner was over the energy had dissipated.  I could feel the salt from the hot dogs we had swell my hands up and my stomach felt “heavy”.  I had already pulled the garbage cans out front but the other stuff I waited to do.  Being very careful not to fall into the holes in the back and front yards.


The workers connected the sewer and now we are waiting for city inspector to come look at it so that they cover it over.  When I talked with Neighbors Don and Pam they said they are already connected and working.  They are so excited to be able to do more than they used to.  I don’t think we have had to wait to do stuff.  Then again our septic tank has been serviced and replaced a couple of times.


Work went well managed to get the daily stuff done and worked on readdress mail.  Some positions were posted and emailed out to general public…good luck to all who post for the jobs.


Tonight I hope to do laundry and pay bills…

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