The Weather

I woke up this morning to more rain and clouds.  It is supposed to move out by this afternoon I heard but it got me to thinking.  What we are having is (at least I think) normal for this time of year but everyone in the midwest is not having such a great weather week.    They are having Tornados, huge dust storms and lots of rain throughout the southern part of the country.  I just read there is snow in the mountains in the west..


Actually this is the kind of day that First lady Michelle Obama says is good to spend the afternoon in places such as The Mystic Aquarium.  They were awarded a medal for service at the White House this week.  It is part of the Libraries and Museums organization.  I have been there a number of times over the years.  The most recent was probably 2 years ago with my brother and his kids.  I would love to go back again.


Work was quiet  I spent most of the morning working on the re-address-junk mail piles until the mail arrived.  Lockbox was almost non-existent.  The final two rounds were light as well.  Sadly a co-worker lost her Mother and there is a collection going on for her.


I found out this morning that the construction project across the street has been subject of a protest.  This is the first I have heard about and people I have spoken to didn’t even see them yesterday.  They are trying to preserve the history of New Haven.  This project has been ongoing for years (or seems like it has been)


Tonight we had pork and rice and I know I am going to suffer for it.  It was delicious but I have aches and pains.


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